Friday, June 13, 2008

Average Guy Books for Summer Reading

C. J. Mahaney has released his list of recommended summer reading for us guys with "average intelligence" (Source). Even if you will not be doing any reading this summer you should read the set up by CJ just for a good chuckle. He is priceless. It is clear why I like him so much. We are very much the same. (uh hm) Let me clarify. There are a few minor exceptions. He has written several well received books, had a wonderfully successful pastoral ministry for nearly 3 decades, can really preach, pals around with the likes of Mohler and Piper and then...well, there's me. But I relate to him because I too see myself as a very average guy. And I love sports.

Anyway, I may not read any of the books on his list personally, but I appreciate his selections. Moreover, I appreciate the concept behind them. To understand you must read the set up.

By the way I am currently reading The Courage to be Protestant by David Wells. Very good thus far. Another freebie from T4G (thanks so much!!).

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