Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ministry in Katrina Region

It has been nearly three years since hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast region. Only recently, because of an eerily similar event in the Midwest, has Katrina been mentioned in the national media. Most of us have been removed from the debris and destruction that Katrina brought to Louisiana and Mississippi. Yet, thousands are still dealing with the aftermath.

My friends, the Bridges, are heading into the Katrina region to do ministry. Brian, Karen and their girls will soon move to the Mississippi gulf coast to plant a church. Actually, they may end up re-planting a rather historic church. God is at work in their hearts and he has opened a door for this family to do Kingdom work in an area that many of us have long ago forgotten.

Please join me in praying for the Bridges family as they trust the Lord for resources and guidance in ministry. Even as homes and businesses have been rebuilt, there are certainly many individuals and families that do not have the solid foundation that is found in Christ. May the Lord bless this new effort to share the gospel, the only source of strength and healing for broken hearts and lives.

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Dave Theobald said...


I meant to tell you this on Wed, but I have been involved with a church in Lakeshore, MS which is the next town over. The pastor, Don Elbourne (, is a solid guy and the church has had a powerful ministry in the community over the last few years. Perhaps Brian and Don already know each other, but I'm sure it will be encouraging for them to work closely. I know it will be a blessing for the area.