Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Bit Like a Dry Well

As you can see my blog has been pretty quiet for several days. We were busy last week at our church with Vacation Bible School. It was a great week. We had a wonderful group of workers which made the activities go so smoothly.

Most of us experience these times of dryness when our mind is not firing on all cylinders. I've got no fresh insights that I feel like I could share. I have been reading some good stuff. Just nothing bubbling up to the surface and making it to the blog.

I did watch a great little video today that featured Newt Gingrich. He's such a sharp guy on economics and public policy. This particular video focused on lowering oil prices. Good common sense stuff. Something most of the US Congressmen know nothing about.

So much for having nothing to post.


Thad said...

Glad to hear your VBS went well, Jon. After our church basement (which we really need for VBS) flooded twice in the last month, we just had to call it off this year. So no VBS for us.

I understand about lacking inspiration at times. You said that sometimes our mind is not firing on all cylinders. Well, at times I think I'm lacking a few cylinders, but we press on!

Jon Cyrus said...

Thanks for stopping by Thad. Sorry to hear of your flooding challenges at the church. We are pressing on, indeed!