Monday, July 14, 2008

Pointing Kids to Christ

A group from our church spent last week at the Baptist Fellowship Center, an inner city ministry here in Louisville. This is the second year that we have helped out with their summer day camp. As expected, it was a busy week and quite rewarding. Many of the same kids were with us last year. You can see from the pictures that they love to sit on your lap and vie for your attention (that's my wife by the way in the first picture, she'll love the fact that she made the blog - NOT).
We used the VBS material that we had done just a few weeks prior at FBC. These kids loved the songs (that are still stuck in my head, check them out online) and game time. They listened, mostly, as we shared foundational truths from God's Word.
This experience is a vivid reminder of several things for me. Kids need to hear about Christ. They are bombarded by so much junk. While they may attend church, the more they hear the truth the better. Also, it really doesn't matter where you go, kids are kids. Don't get me wrong, there are some differences. But overall, there are many more similarities. Finally, you don't have to travel to the Pacific Rim or Northern Africa to do real, live mission work. If your church hasn't gotten actively involved in missions, drive across town. I'm sure there is a ministry center or nursing home that would love to host your group.
There is just something very special about reaching out with the gospel and being Christ to others. The truth is, that is what followers of Christ are supposed to do. Wow! It just make sense doesn't it.


Thad Noyes said...

Wow! That's great, John. Glad to see that blessing others was such a blessing to you.

thad noyes said...

oops, sorry about the misspelling, Jon. guess i got in a bit of a hurry :).

Jon Cyrus said...

No worries. Glad you stopped by.