Friday, July 3, 2009

Church Web Page

Our church has a slightly better than average web page. I know this because I have visited many. A dear friend of our ministry designed the page and it has been updated in recent months by some of our tech-savvy members. I am so thankful that they also contribute to our ministry by maintaining the information.

Our page is not nearly as flashy as some and a bit more informative than others. It provides all the necessary information if someone is seeking a church in the Louisville, KY area. Actually our church, which is Southern Baptist, is located in Prospect, KY just a few minutes outside of Louisville.

I am trying to understand the best way to use this high-tech tool that seemingly has so much potential. Is it reasonable to think that our congregation could use the Internet to reach the world? Don't get me wrong, I would not suggest that simply putting up a web page could replace our genuine obedience to the Great Commission. But, through the mechanism known as the "Information Super Highway," the gospel can be shared with untold numbers of people. That is one of the reasons we post our sermons online.

Church web pages are considered by many to be a must in today's culture. Certainly there are others who have not taken this step. Some of the naysayers are hesitant because they would never do anything that resembles "marketing" for fear of looking too much like the world. To me this seems a little short-sighted.

What do you think, are web pages a necessity for the modern-day church? Are churches that refuse to get on board with technology destined to die a slow death? Could God use this medium for His glory and the spread of the Gospel? I am interested to hear your thoughts and comments.

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