Friday, September 11, 2009

Anniversary of 9.11

Just as many others in our country, today I am remembering the terrorist attacks that took place 8 years ago. Since that day our lives are different. The devastation and loss of life in NYC, Washington DC and Shanksville, PA has changed the way we view the world.

On that morning in 2001 I was driving to a sales call. Initially there was much confusion about what had actually happened. Upon arriving at my destination I watched the earliest news coverage. When the second plane hit the tower there was little doubt this was an orchestrated attack. I was sick at my stomach. The rest of the day was a waste because I couldn't focus on anything else.

That night my wife and I cried together. We prayed for the families who had lost loved ones on that day. We talked about how unimaginable all of this was, yet we had watched the whole thing unfold on TV. It was hard to sleep that night.

I wasn't born when JFK was killed. I was in Jr. High when Reagan was shot and that was certainly unnerving for a teenager. But it was mostly forgotten in a matter of weeks. However, the events of 9.11 are permanently etched in my mind. It is a day that changed the world and shocked most of us into a very strange reality. It revealed the fragility of life, the darkness of human depravity and our complete inability to control either of these things ourselves. Contrary to the theology of many, God was in control on 9.11 and He is still ruling and reigning today. The shocking truth is that 9.11 was terrible but it could have been worse. We rest in God's Sovereign mercy and abundant grace. When sin and evil leave us dumbfounded, He is our only solace.

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