Monday, September 21, 2009


Most Christians would define "fellowship" as something having to do with food, or at least coffee and donuts. A sad commentary, given the biblical perspective of this aspect of our life as Christians. Fellowship actually has to do with a personal, abiding communion among those who share the commonality of Christ. While this may involve the 'breaking of bread' during a meal or the Lord's Table, fellowship may occur in a variety of settings.

During a recent visit with some friends I enjoyed a wonderful sense of fellowship. A smile, a big bear hug, I was among brothers and sisters in Christ. Throughout the day our hearts were focused on the Lord Jesus as we worshiped, sang, laughed, prayed and ate (yep, there was food). Although I can laugh, talk and eat with my friends who are not followers of Christ, it is simply not the same. The bond, present because of the Holy Spirit, is absent in the relationships of unbelievers.

God has fixed it so that we can enjoy this unique relationship among the Body of Christ. It is sweet when experienced and deeply desired when we are separated from this sort of setting. Thus we must foster a culture of fellowship in our churches and seek many opportunities with our friends in Christ. We are designed for fellowship.


Thad Noyes said...

I had to chuckle at your first sentence. So true. Good words, brother. I pray all is well with you.

Jon Cyrus said...

Thanks Brother. We are well here in KY. Trust you, your family and your congregation are getting on well also. Blessings!

B's Blog said...

I agree with you. So many people have lost focus of who Christ really is and what this Christian walk is really about. Its so sad. Be encouraged.