Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introduction & Summary of John Piper's Thesis

John Piper's ministry, which includes preaching, writing and speaking, has had a profound impact on the modern evangelical landscape. His passion for the Word and gospel is so evident and it is contagious.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of all that Piper says and does. But, there are several key ideas that flow from Piper's theology, understanding of the gospel and his notion of how one should live out the gospel. He has a clearly articulated thesis that is woven into his preaching and writing. You would have to read at least 2 books written by John Piper OR listen to a minimum of 3 of his sermons to gain a clear understanding of this thesis. But this short video provides a concise summary. If you are not familiar with John Piper, this is a great introduction. Enjoy!

HT: Justin Taylor

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