Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pray for Your Friends

We are so inundated and overloaded with information that sometimes we miss things and even people, without realizing that we have missed them.

I have set up about a dozen blogs in my "reader" (if you don't know what this is you can learn here). About 5 times a week I pull up my reader and browse the new posts. I only look at the ones with updates and completely ignore the others. After all, there is nothing new for me to read, so they get overlooked. I just noticed today that one such blog, which usually has at least one update per week, has been silent for a while. After further examination and quick research, it seems that my friends at Google decided to turn off this fellow's feed.

But it struck me, I didn't even realize that I had missed this blog. In fact, the blogger is sort of a friend. How can that happen? Am I the only one who sees this happening in my life? Am I the only one who thinks I may be suffering from some sort of overload?!

Sometimes we need to just stop and take stock. Where are we and what is happening? We ought to be more sensitive to this and we should be regularly praying for our friends.

Take a few minutes are run through your contact list or Rolodex (does anyone still use them?) and remind yourself about some of those folks who you have missed. Then pray for them. Ask our Father to bless them and protect them. It wouldn't hurt to drop them a note or give them a call. It is really encouraging to know someone has prayed for you.


Thad Noyes said...

Good thoughts as always, Jon. I knew right away you couldn't be talking about me because I never manage to post once a week. I'm lucky if I get something up once a month! :)

Have you thought about attending any 2011 conferences?

Jon Cyrus said...

Thanks Brother. Glad to see you are back posting to your blog(s).

I will likely attend Basics, although I have not heard who is speaking. Maybe one other, not sure. What about you?

Thad Noyes said...

I haven't given it much thought yet. I always enjoy the international flavor of Basics, though.