Friday, June 10, 2011

Encouragement for Dads

Parenting is a tremendous blessing but it is not for the faint of heart. I know this first hand. My children have given me a multitude of joys and smiles over the last 2 decades. But there have been tough times as well. As a father of three daughters, I have been frustrated, brokenhearted, angry and disappointed. Often this is not the fault of my girls, but rather my own inability to live up to what I sense a Christian Dad ought to be and do.

Obviously, Children don't come with an owner's manual. So most of us learn as we go or we parent in a manner similar to how we were raised. Many parents would love to have instruction or encouragement but they don't know where to find it. The church is the logical place to seek this sort of support. Especially needful is instruction for parents in the area of discipleship and spiritual training. This is key for followers of Christ who are young parents. But sadly this doesn't always happen. Honestly many of us don't want to admit our parenting struggles and some parents have blind spots and fail to realize how desperately they need assistance.

A new ministry has been launched by Ryan Steenburg to lend support and encouragement to Christian parents, especially for fathers. Daddy Discipleship is aimed at training and equipping parents to "take an active participatory role in the discipleship process of their children that is marked by a lifestyle of instruction in the fear and knowledge of the Lord." I know Ryan's heart for the Word of God and for the family. You will be challenged and blessed if you get to know this ministry.

You should visit the Daddy Discipleship web page regularly, read the blog and also to "like" them on Facebook. You just might find the encouragement you have been looking for.

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