Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Good News for the World

The Great Commission (or Jesus' famous last words) gets a lot of press among evangelicals, and rightly so.  After all Jesus was giving his disciples and us marching orders.  Although opinions may vary on the primary aim of the local church, most agree that making disciples through the gospel is of utmost importance.  But what is "the gospel?"  [there is actually a nice little volume by the same title]

In case you are unfamiliar with it, let me give you a brief summary of the gospel:

The gospel is the good news that actually starts with some pretty bad news.  Mankind is completely ruined because of sin.  Because of our sin we all face the judgement and wrath of God, and rightly so.  There are no good deeds or religious acts that we can do to make ourselves acceptable to God.  However, God in His grace and mercy provided a way for our sin to be removed and His wrath to be appeased through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived a perfect life and died sacrificially on the cross in the place of sinners. In demonstration of victory and power, Jesus was raised from the dead.  His sacrifice for our sins was totally sufficient and accepted by God the Father.  Everyone recognizing their hopeless condition, their offense of sin against God, turning from their sinful/selfish life and believing in Jesus Christ - they will be "saved" and made right with God. Jesus takes our sin and we receive His perfect righteousness when we repent and believe.  Believing in Jesus is the expression of faith, resting one's entire life on what Jesus accomplished by His sinless life, purposeful death and victorious resurrection.  Having come to believe in Jesus, the "born again" Christian will remain a faithful follower of Jesus forever.  All of this is a gracious work of God.
Perhaps more could be said about the gospel and one can certainly elaborate some of the details.  But the heart of this truth is seen in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is the good news that we are commissioned to share, it is for the whole world.  I noticed that in addition to the US, there are individuals from many other countries who find there way to this blog.  While I suspect most visit here without genuine interest in my thoughts, I understand the power of the gospel and the reach of the Internet.  So I publish this post in an effort to reach the world with the good news.  My prayer is that someone will read this wonderful truth and embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord.  To the glory of God!

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