Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moving MVP Speech

I don't watch NBA basketball much.  "Never" might be a better term.  However, I like a good story.  I appreciate authenticity. Moreover, it is refreshing to see a high-profile athlete talk more about others than about himself.  Even better when someone, anyone, recognizes that God is worthy of glory and praise.

After seeing that others were impressed with Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech, I decided to watch.  It is over 26 minutes long...and I watched the whole thing.  You can watch it here.  I dare you not to cry!

Of course I don't know Durant and will likely never have an opportunity to chat with him. However, he strikes me as a genuine guy. He offered heartfelt words of appreciation to his teammates, speaking personally about each one. He thanked his coaches and friends, again giving them credit for helping him to be better.  Finally he thanked his family.  He expressed love for his mother who raised him under what sounds like difficult circumstances, saying she is the real MVP.  At the outset he thanked God. At the conclusion he thanked God again. He said God "is the Alpha and Omega" and "He changed my life" and "basketball is just a platform."  This young man seems to be very thoughtful.

I like his perspective and his insights.  His speech moved me.  It provided a very small glimpse at the heart of a man and what he thinks is important.  Good words.

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