Monday, October 5, 2009

Desire for God's House

A few weeks back the Lord brought an interesting visitor to our church, someone who simply has an interest in gathering with God's people. You see, this individual does not speak English. But, she is a follower of Jesus Christ. So, she continues to come and worship with us.

She smiles, shakes hands with nearly everyone, even hugs a few of the ladies. All the while not understanding much of what is said or able to be understood. I can only assume that she simply has a deep desire to be in a place where she can be among others who are like-minded. She is far from home and her family. But for an hour or so each week she is among 'brothers and sisters.' During the sermon I see her with her eyes closed. She has no idea what the American preacher is saying. But the message comes from the Book, the one that contains the powerful truth of God's grace and love found in the person of Jesus Christ. An amazing message that is so much greater than our human understanding.

In spite of the language barrier, this woman comes to worship. It seems that she simply has a desire for God's house. At the same time there are many professing Christians who allow the least little thing to hinder them from joining with other believers in corporate worship. I am encouraged by this woman's zeal to gather with those who share her faith. A day is coming when there will be a great gathering of people from every tribe and nation. On that day there will be only one language. The language of praise! To the glory of God and the Lamb.

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